bird feeder made from recycled can and stick

Repurposed Bird Feeder

One afternoon while I was trying to get some things done, my daughter was watching Nature Cat on PBS Kids.  She adores this show and has learned some fun things from it.  On this particular day they  were making bird feeders using repurposed materials.  After the show she asked if she could make one of her own.  I am always looking for ways to teach her the importance of caring for our planet and all the living things surrounding us so this was a great project for her. 

In our homes we try to repurpose when possible to help minimize the amount of stuff that gets thrown away.  For example I reuse glass food jars for all kinds of storage: food, craft and office supplies, coins, and even my daughters jewelry.

We found the perfect can in our recycling box and got to work.  That can has now had two purposes and we have made some birds (and squirrels) very happy!


  • Can
  • Outdoor paint and brush, if desired.  We used Anita’s brand outdoor acrylic paint.
  • Stick
  • Glue
  • Twine
  • Bird seed


Step 1:  Find a can and make sure it is clean and dry.

Step 2:  Paint the outside of the can if desired.  This step isn’t necessary, but helped add some color to our winter days!  A clear coat spray after the paint will dry will help seal the paint.

© Eclectically K & L 2018
© Eclectically K & L 2018

Step 3:  Once the paint is dry, take a foil lid and cut it down to glue on the bottom third of the can opening.  This helps to prevent all the bird seed from falling out.  A plastic lid cut in half would also serve the same purpose.

Step 4:  Poke a hole in the foil lid and push stick through.  We added some glue at the back of the can to further hold the stick in place.  This stick will act as a landing place for the birds.

© Eclectically K & L 2018

Step 5:  Grab two pieces of twine.  Lay one across the can (from opening to backside).  Wrap the other around the can and tied ends together on the bottom of the can.  Tie the ends of the loose piece of twine that was lying across the can using a double knot.  This is will give you a loop to hang the bird feeder on a branch outside.

Step 6:  Fill your new bird feeder with bird seed and hang it outside!

© Eclectically K & L 2018


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