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In the World we live in today, we could all use a little more compassion. Whether its with our children, spouse, friends or even just the people you pass on the street, kindness is key.  The Compassionate Instinct was such a great book on this topic. 

“…make you think not only what it means to be happy and fulfilled but also what it means to lead an ethical and compassionate life”–  The Compassionate Instinct

Remember when your parents would say “put your feet in someone else’s shoes”? If we can see (and teach our children) other peoples perspectives, we have empathy and compassion for others. This sentence is so simple yet, I think sometimes we forget to really reinforce it with ourselves and our children.

Highlights from the book:

  • When people performed behaviors associated with compassion/love their bodies produced oxytocin (calming, low heart beat) This shows that compassion self perpetuates more compassion
  • When kind to others, physical change takes place: heart rate goes down
  • Compassion is not a trait you are born with, its something that we can learn and develop. Perfect because EVERYONE can learn to be compassionate
  • Parents who use induction and reasoning raise children who adjust better and help peers.

If nothing else, please let this post be an inspiration to you to go about your day with kindness! I also encourage you to read this book and let it be a reminder to all of us to have a little compassion for those around us.

Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.- Dalai Lama


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