Setting Monthly Intentions

Writing Intentions
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Do you have things you have been wanting to accomplish or changes you want to make in your life, but don’t know where to start?  Maybe there is a long term goal you are working toward, but it seems somewhat out of reach. Setting monthly intentions are a good way to start and helps to break down those goals into smaller objectives.  

For me, this March is focused on overall mental well being and de-cluttering, physically and emotionally.  Our family is gearing up for a cross country move next month and with moves comes a lot of emotions.  Moving isn’t anything new to us, we have done it a lot.  That doesn’t change the stress that our family takes on during this time.  This move, especially, is a 180 from what we had planned and came up rather suddenly.  To be honest, it has been hard for me.  I know it is the best thing for the long term, but we are heading to a location I am not super excited about!  Luckily, I have talked to several people in the area that we know or will soon meet in person and that has helped me feel a little more at peace with this move.  My husband and I are also looking toward our future goals and this detour will help set that up even better!

Writing March Intenions
Using color to help it stand out and as an excuse to use some new pens a friend gave to me! ©Eclectically K & L 2018

I will outline my intentions below and why I think they were so important for me this month.

March Intentions
© Eclectically K & L 2018
  1.  Live more in the moment and be present.  I stay at home with my daughter and sometimes my to do list, especially with an upcoming move seems long.  Moves are hard and they can be especially hard for little ones.  This month I will focus on being more present for my family in a different way.  More random trips to the park, game nights, and distraction free time together.  My daughter and I created a bucket list for things we would like to do before we leave so that is a perfect way for us live in the moment this month!
  2. Finish 2 fun books.  This is pretty straight forward.  A trip to the library is in my future to find a fun novel to read.  Do you have any suggestions?
  3. Meditate and/or journal daily for at least 10 minutes.  I have tried meditating here and there, but my goal is to see how 31 days of meditating/journaling in a row helps my overall mind frame.  Journaling can be such a good release for everything weighing on my mind.
  4. Donate toys/clothing.  Every few months we go through my daughters toys and all of our closets to get rid of unwanted things.  Before a move this is especially important so you aren’t moving unwanted stuff.  Another plus is be able to give to those that are less fortunate.  We plan on donating to a local abuse shelter.
  5. Dry brush daily.  I bought a dry brush a while ago after ready the benefits of them, but do not use it regularly.  Some benefits of dry brushing include exfoliation, stimulating the lymphatic systems, clearing and minimizing pores, increasing circulation to skin, and energy boosting.  I thought this would be a good month to try it daily even if all it does is aid in exfoliation!  Here is a link about how to dry brush if you are interested.
  6. Unplug at 8pm.  This one may be a little harder for me.  I have definitely spent nights watching tv and scrolling through Instagram and Pinterest and before I know it its 10pm.  My goal with unplugging is to use that time to read, take a detox bath, journal, craft, or even meditate.  Research has found that electronic devices emit a blue light that tricks our bodies into thinking it is daytime, thus lowering our melatonin.  I hope this will also help to get more quality sleep each night.

That’s it!  I am looking forward to March and all that it will bring along with it!

Do you have any intentions set for this month?

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2 thoughts on “Setting Monthly Intentions

  1. Book suggestion – Jack London Call of the Wild! We recently read as a family and the kids couldn’t get enough. Good way to connect with the kids, stay off electronics as a family, and have a fun read!

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