DIY Cloth Napkins


We are all doing our part in trying to be Eco Friendly. In my house, we are trying to go as waste free as possible. I thought no better way than to make these napkins instead of using paper ones. This DIY craft takes about 30 minutes and set for any sewing skill level.

“If 50% of the U.S. population (about 150MM people), used 1 paper napkin per meal 3 times a day, 164,250,000,000 (yes billion) napkins would be used over just a 1-year period.” –

Cloth napkins are just another small step to helping this beautiful place we all call home.



  • 1 Yard of Fabric
  • Thread – I used a contrasting color but you can pick one that blends in
  • Pinking Shears
  • Sewing Machine
  • Scissors or Rolling Cutter
  • Ruler

Step 1: Wash and iron the fabric

Step 2: Cut off any outer edges of the fabric and then cut the fabric 22″ x 22″ squares. This is the average size of a dinner napkin.

Step 3: Use the pinking shears to cut around the outside of the square napkin. This will add a nice boarder and also keep the fabric from fraying.

Step 4: Using your sewing machine, stitch a line around the outside of the fabric about 1/4 inch from the the edge of the fabric.

That’s it! Now repeat this process with the other 3 napkins. Please consider changing over to cloth napkins for your family! We have been leaving them at the table and using them the entire day before throwing in the washer.

Another option, if you do not feel like make cloth napkins, is to visit your local Goodwill or consignment shop for discounted cloth napkins.

Happy Dining!


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Hi I'm Lisa, I am a pinterest obsessed DIYer who loves all things blue. I am excited to share the things I love: home decor projects, recipes, and crafts while being as environmentally and health conscience as I can. I hope that you enjoy these little pleasures in life as much as I do.

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