Natural Antibacterial Cleaning Spray

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Its that time of year again! Spring time means Spring cleaning!! Some people loath this task but, I love getting everything clean and sparkly new. A few weeks ago I had a friend ask me for an antibacterial cleaning spray recommendation. She has been using a conventional brand but, afraid of the side effects of doing so. I make and use they spray above and it works great! Plus I do not have to worry my family’s health.

If you are using conventional cleaners please visit this website and you can get a full report on how your product rates: Respiratory, Irritation, Environment, ECT. Try to stick to products with an A rating if you can or make your own!

© Eclectically K & L 2018


  • 3 Cups of H2O
  • 1/2 Cup White Vinegar
  • 15 Drops of Tea Tree Oil (I buy my oils here)
  • Spray Bottle
  • Optional: 5 Drops Be well blended oil or any other oil of your choice

Step 1: Pour the vinegar and water into the spray bottle.

© Eclectically K & L 2018

Step 2: Pour 15 drops of tea tree oil into the water/vinegar mixture. This is also the time where you can add the other oil of your choice.

© Eclectically K & L 2018

Place the top back onto the bottle and give it a light shake. Now you are all set! Although this is a natural and chemical free cleaner, it is still best to use gloves while you are cleaning. This prevents your hands from drying out and any cleaning products from sitting on your hands for too long.

Happy cleaning!

© Eclectically K & L 2018

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Hi I'm Lisa, I am a pinterest obsessed DIYer who loves all things blue. I am excited to share the things I love: home decor projects, recipes, and crafts while being as environmentally and health conscience as I can. I hope that you enjoy these little pleasures in life as much as I do.

One thought on “Natural Antibacterial Cleaning Spray

  1. Love this! Have been using these ingredients for cleaning for a little while now and they work really well! 💚🌏


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