Weekly Bone Broth

Bone broth has so many benefits. It boosts the immune system, reduces cellulite, and improves joint health. You can buy collagen or you can easily make the broth in your crock pot with scraps (yay, no extra cost to you)!

A study of chicken soup (broth) conducted by the University of Nebraska Medical Center wondered what it was in the soup that made it so beneficial for colds and flu. Researchers found that the amino acids that were produced when making chicken stock reduced inflammation in the respiratory system and improved digestion. Also, research is proving it can also boost the immune system and heal disorders like allergies, asthma and arthritis. (2)- Dr.Axe.com

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When making this broth, I try to use the purest ingredients.  I want to get as much out of them as I can. When I have carrot tops, celery ends, and any other vegetable scraps, I put them in a zip lock bag in my freezer. I also cook a whole chicken once a week and keep the bones. I add all of the vegetable scraps and chicken bones to the crock pot along with spices.

Spice blend 1/2 teaspoon of each:

  • Turmeric
  • Garlic
  • Pepper
  • Salt
  • Italian Herbs (Oregano, Parsley, Thyme)

I then add about 6 cups of filtered water to the crock pot. This is a, give or take, depending on how much veggies and bones that I have in the pot. Then I just set the timer and let this all cook for about 6-8 hrs.

When broth is finished cooking, I let it cool down for about an hour or so and remove all of the scraps and bones. I put the broth into jars and let them cool to room temperature and then put a lid on the jars. They are stored in the fridge for a week or two or you can put them in the freezer. Be sure that the broth is cooled completely before putting them in the freezer, as the glass jars will break.

You can use this broth for many different things: drink, soup base, to cook rice or pasta, saute vegetable, Ect.


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Hi I'm Lisa, I am a pinterest obsessed DIYer who loves all things blue. I am excited to share the things I love: home decor projects, recipes, and crafts while being as environmentally and health conscience as I can. I hope that you enjoy these little pleasures in life as much as I do.

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