Earth Friendly Websites

When it comes to looking at ways to reduce your environmental impact, it can sometimes be hard to figure out how to make a change.  We wanted to share some links for blogs and websites to further inspire you.  Please share any websites you look at that have brought you some inspiration in the comments below!

  • Trash is for Tossers:  Lauren lives in New York city and documents her zero waste lifestyle.  Her total trash she produced in four years, fits into one mason jar!
  • The Zero Waste Backpacker:  Kat has turned her passions into a way to live a more sustainable and less wasteful life all while traveling around the world.
  • Tiny Yellow Bungalow:  Read about tips on leading a zero waste, plant-based life and browse their eco-conscious shop.
  • Recyclebank:  Recyclebank is a great resource to learn more about proper recycling and why it is so important.  They offer points for reading blog posts, various recycling resources, and participating in quizzes.  These points can then be turned into rewards including local deals, savings on sustainable goods, and donations.
  • Green Matters:  Green Matters brings awareness to global issues and offers inspiration to making small changes in your own life.
  • Zero Waste Chef: Anne Marie offers up advice and recipes to help lead a waste free life.
  • Tree Hugger:  Find all you need to know about living a sustainable life, read about  green news and solutions, and find product information.
  • Eco Warrior Princess:  Find honest and intelligent content covering sustainable fashion, conscious business, feminism, wellness, eco beauty, and green politics and technology.


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