Top 5 Friday Fun

What a week! Or two for that matter!  Two weeks ago we left the East coast and moved cross country for my husband’s job.  We made the most of our 12 day road trip and finally made it to our destination on Wednesday night.  I am exhausted.  I enjoyed relaxing for a bit catching up on some of my favorite blogs.  I have shared 5 of my favorite posts below that I hope you will enjoy too!

  1.  With Cinco de Mayo on Saturday, how yummy do these margarita snow cones from Paper & Stitch sound?  These are perfect for our hot, desert weekend temperatures!
  2. Over on Eco Warrior Princess, you can find 10 great reasons why mulch is so important for your garden.
  3. Anyone else want to make their rental home more their own?  Rad and Happy shared how they made over the bathroom in the home that they are renting.
  4. Lauren Conrad shares a beautiful grapefruit cake on her blog.  I think this would be perfect for Mother’s Day brunch!
  5. Finally, on Zero Waste Chef you can find 15 creative uses for food scraps.

What have you read this week that has brought you joy?

Enjoy your weekend!

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