Creating a Bucket List

Do any of you out there like to make bucket lists?  Whether it is long term life goals or just short term goals for a season, it can be fun to brainstorm ideas.  What I like about bucket lists is that they can help you figure out what is important to you.  Big or small, each item represents a piece of you.  You may realize that something as simple as dipping your toes in the water, can bring you so much joy and help you enjoy life just a little more.

Life only comes around once, so do whatever makes you happy, and be with whoever makes you smile. -unknown

Creating a bucket list with someone else can help you experience life through a different lens.  We are all so different and watching what brings so much joy to someone else can in turn add happiness to our own lives.  I find this especially true when creating one with children.  It truly is the simple things that make them so happy!  It can remind you of what your kids really want.  For my 5 year old, it is just to play and be together.  Pretty simple right?  It also gives you a chance to act like a child again and remember how your felt when you were their age.

This past Halloween was the first time I did this with my daughter who was 4 at the time.  My mom and sister were visiting and when Auntie KK visits, we like to do a lot!  From carving pumpkins, to splashing in rain puddles, and going to the farm, we had a blast.  My sister and my daughter had so much fun checking the box after each experience.  We loved it so much, we created one for December and one for Virginia before our move.  It only seemed fitting that we make a bucket list for our next adventure.  At the end of next week we are flying to Minnesota and I CAN NOT WAIT!!  Minnesota is where I grew up and where most of my family still lives.  We are going home to celebrate the lives of my grandparents.  My grandmother passed away a few months ago, about a year after my grandpa. They wished to be buried together so we are finally reuniting them and celebrating the amazing people and couple that they were.   Since my little family is going on 4 weeks of living out of a suitcase and feeling quite unsettled, my daughter, pup, and I will spend some extra time up in Minnesota soaking in all the water, trees, and family love before coming back to the hot, hot desert!

Check out our Minnesota bucket list below.


bucket list 3

Next up is to create the ultimate Summer bucket list!  To be quite honest, it wouldn’t be much different, but we would need to add in bubble blowing, eating popsicles, and running through the sprinklers!  What is on your summer bucket list this year?

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12 thoughts on “Creating a Bucket List

  1. Your bucket list looks so fun! I created a summer bucket list/Instagram challenge (if you’re interested, http:// I’m also hoping to create one soon with my husband. We both want to do a lot of traveling (Minnesota is on the list!) and I figured a bucket list would be the best way!


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