Glamping Fun

Today I wanted to share one of our stops on our drive cross country.  It is called Basecamp 37° and is a glamping-style campground in Kanab, Utah.  This was one of our favorite stops on our drive and the perfect place to celebrate my daughter’s birthday! 

glamping tent with chairs in Kanab, UT
© Eclectically K & L 2018

If you don’t know what glamping is, it is basically glamorous camping.  This is perfect for people who want to experience nature, but are quite ready to give up a lot of creature comforts like a bed, showers, kitchen, etc.  It is also perfect if you don’t have any camping gear or want to minimize how much gear you need to bring along.

A lot of my favorite memories I have involve camping and being outside.  Camping can be so good for you in several different ways.

  1. Breathe in the fresh air!  When camping you tend to spend most of your days outside tucked away from any big city.  The clean air and Vitamin D help you sleep so well and are so good for the your overall health.
  2. Connecting with others.  Camping is a great way to make connections with family and friends even stronger.  It allows you to have conversations and experiences without all the day to day distractions that creep in at home.  It is also a great way to meet people from other cities, states, or countries!
  3. Unplugging.  You are surrounded by nature and so much to do that you will find you don’t need screens.
  4. Using nature’s alarm clock.  There is nothing better than waking up to the sounds of bird chirping and the sun rising, rather than a loud alarm clock.
  5. Connect with nature.  Take time to go for a hike, gather fire wood, or listen to all the sounds of nature that surround you.
  6. Stress relief.  Between the break from our daily distractions and work, meditation that being out in nature can provide, and just taking in your surroundings, you can’t help but come away feeling more relax and having a more positive outlook on life.  I personally walk away with a greater appreciation for our environment and all that it has to offer.

AboutBasecamp 37°:

At Basecamp 37°, a safari style tent is set up and angled in a way so that you can take in some beautiful views without really seeing the other tents.  You don’t need to bring anything, but yourselves and food to cook, which made it perfect for the last part of our cross country drive.  Inside, there was a king size bed, heater, lights-run on solar power, a table for storage, two chairs, nightstands, and a bench.  Sounds a lot like a hotel doesn’t it?!  Each tent had a small porch with chairs outside for reading or watching the sunrise.

© Eclectically K & L 2018
View from our porch © Eclectically K & L 2018
glowing tent Kanab, UT
My daughter’s favorite part – a glowing tent! © Eclectically K & L 2018

A short walk takes you to a common area building.  This building had two bathrooms with showers (stocked with lotion, shampoo, and conditioner), an indoor kitchen, and a living room area with games, books, and a place relax.  There are storage baskets for each tent so that you can store your dry food and a refrigerator to share.  The kitchen is stocked with everything you could possibly need to cook a delicious meal.  They have even Yeti-style tumblers and can holders for each camper.  Outside the common building is an outdoor kitchen, grill, and a bar.  There are hammocks, yard games, tables with chairs, and a communal fire pit to gather around with fellow campers.

Communal Kitchen © Eclectically K & L 2018
Communal gathering place with food storage, games, and books. © Eclectically K & L 2018
Outdoor space with birthday treats from the local bakery. © Eclectically K & L 2018

I can’t say enough great things about Basecamp 37° and I promise they aren’t paying me for a review!  We just really enjoyed our visit.  All the details that have gone into this campground, truly make it the perfect place to relax and rest your head.  Not to mention the location is beautiful and there is so much to do.  Coral Pink Sand Dunes, Zion National Park, The Grand Canyon, Lake Powell and Bryce National Park are all located within 85 miles of Kanab making a it a great place to stay if you are looking to explore many of these areas.  Our daughter turned 5 during our visit so we used our time to visit Best Friends Animal Sanctuary, which had beautiful views, hikes, and is one of the largest animal sanctuaries in North America.  If you are ever in the area, I highly recommend it.  You can take tours of the different animal homes or just take a drive through the canyon.  They have a wonderful vegan buffet for just $5!  The best part of our visit to Kanab and Basecamp 37° was that everything was super pet friendly so we didn’t have to worry about our favorite little guy, Maverick!  There is no doubt that we will be visiting again soon!

Beautiful views in Angel Canyon © Eclectically K & L 2018


If you are new to camping, don’t want to bring a lot of gear, or just don’t like sleeping in a small tent, glamping is for you!  It really is gaining popularity and you can find glamping areas all over the country and world.

Here are some links to find your next glamping destination:

coffee cups Kanab, UT
Cheers!!  © Eclectically K & L 2018

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