DIY Wooden Sign

© Eclectically K & L 2018

I love going to TJ Maxx! I will search the racks and shelves looking for gifts and goodies to bring home. Today I found a really cool wooden cutting board in the kitchen section and thought….please add cheese and wine this would make an adorable welcome sign.

© Eclectically K & L 2018

A sweet friend’s birthday is coming up, so I thought this would make a great gift. She can hang it on her door, in her entry way or even in her kitchen. I love to add a little personal touch by making something handmade. Since the sign is made from a cutting board, the wood is very pretty and a nice solid wood. This could also be an up cycle project if you have an old cutting board in the house.


  • Chalk paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Sharpie Marker
  • Wooden Cutting Board or Wooden Sign from local craft store
© Eclectically K & L 2018


Step 1: Sketch out the word(s) and decorations that you would like to put on your board with a pencil.

Step 2: Carefully paint the letters using chalk paint. I think its best to have water near by when using chalk paint because I like to thin the paint out. I think you get a better application that way. I put two layers of paint over the letters and decorations adding a little more texture to the decorations.

Step 3: After the paint dried, I added a little more detail to the sign using a sharpie marker.

© Eclectically K & L 2018

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Hi I'm Lisa, I am a pinterest obsessed DIYer who loves all things blue. I am excited to share the things I love: home decor projects, recipes, and crafts while being as environmentally and health conscience as I can. I hope that you enjoy these little pleasures in life as much as I do.

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