Top 5 Friday Fun

Can you believe it is almost July?!  It has been over two months since we moved to Arizona and we are finally going to be moved in next week.  It’s crazy how fast this time has gone by and I am so thankful for some quality time in Minnesota with so many of my favorite people.  We are definitely ready to be as a whole family again and be reunited with my husband for a relaxing 4th!

What do you all planned for the 4th of July holiday?

Check out the links below for some fun weekend reads!

  1. Our favorite furry companions can get stressed by all the 4th of July activity.  In fact, more pets run away from home on the 4th than any other day of the year.  Tail Travelers has some great tips on keeping your pups safe this upcoming 4th of July.
  2. Summertime is the perfect time to cool down with a popsicle.  My mom and I made these from Paleo Paparazzi this week and they are fantastic!
  3. Do you have travel on your mind?  Maybe missing friends that live across the country?  Over at Goop, they have some travel inspiration for your next girl’s trip.  Whether you are looking to enjoy the city, the great outdoors, or have a beach getaway, they have some great ideas!
  4. This travel map  DIY on Say Yes looks like a fun idea to map out where you and your family have been.  I have been thinking of doing a map like this with my daughter so we can mark all of our adventures!
  5. Finally, if you are looking for a fun, healthy non-alcoholic drink this summer That’s Chelsea has a lemon blackberry blue lotus tonic that looks so yummy!

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