Top 5 Friday Fun

What a week it’s been here!  We are in the middle of unpacking and setting up our house.  I am looking forward to it all being done and just feeling settled in our new home and state.

I hope you all have a fun weekend ahead of you and enjoy the following links for some light reading!  

  1. Dr. Courtney Kahla shares some tips to help reduce your exposure to EMF’s (electromagnetic field radiation).
  2. When we are stressed or living busy lives, it can be hard to quiet our mind and fall asleep.  Over on Pure Wow you can find an interesting tip on how to fall asleep quickly!
  3. Here is another one from Pure Wow!  From this link you will find 20 recipes for Vegan, Mexican dishes.  I will have to add the enchiladas into our mix this weekend!
  4. I love this post that I found linked from another blog.  88 artists from around the world, at the exact same time, drew the sky that they saw.  What a unique representation of our world’s sky from various perspectives.
  5. These painted lockers from A Kailo Chic Life would be so fun in a kid’s playroom or a craft room!

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