Motivation Monday

In June, Lisa shared 5 quotes for Motivational Monday.  I recently came across the following quote and I fell in love with it.  It is a beautiful reminder to cling to joy. 

Cling to joy: audacious and unbridled joy, that looks for light in everything, even in you’re waiting.  – Morgan Harper Nichols

I truly love how quotes can leave you feeling empowered, with a smile on your face, or opening up your mind to a different way of thinking.  I welcome these little reminders daily because all the daily tasks and negativity from others can sometimes dwell and overtake your mind.

Today I am feeling inspired to use the quote above as a journal prompt after I drop my daughter off at school.  I am still in the process of learning to like my new surroundings and feel settled again.  Not to mention the feelings that go along with back to school!  My daughter just started Kindergarten last week and for the first time in 5 years, I have some regular solo time.  I am sad to not have her around every day.  I have been so fortunate to have been able to stay at home with her.  I truly love our time we spend together.  She is so excited about school and walked in her first day just ready to take on the world.  It will be fun to watch how she grows as we go through this first official year of school.  I plan to using my free time to continue to work on myself and whatever tasks I have on my list so that when she gets home, we can have fun and make memories together!

If you enjoy reading quotes as much as we do, I encourage you to check out Morgan Harper Nichols on Instagram.  Her feed is filled with beautifully written poems and quotes for one specific person in mind, someone that has reached out to her.  While she doesn’t share that person’s story, she does share what she wrote.  There are two things I especially love about this:

  1.  She does this as a daily act of generosity.  How wonderful to share your gift and art with someone who truly needs it!
  2. By sharing this on her feed, her words are able to reach someone else who may also be struggling or just looking for motivation in their daily life.

Please feel free to share in the comments below, what motivates you?  Do you have any quotes or sayings that your cling to for inspiration?

Happy Monday to you all!




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