Mint Tin Treasure Box

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In my family, pockets are filled with rocks, sand, shells, dirt- you name it! Every rock is a “crystal” to my children and they both have pretty extensive rock collections. We also have a huge jar right by our front door that houses treasures right when you walk inside. The other day while onea walk my younger son started handing me pretty little rocks and said “hold these mommy, they are crystals.” Well I had our puppy’s lease, treats and bags in my hands (and no pockets) I needed an extra hand. Hello- story of motherhood right?! That evening I decided to make him a little treasure box that he can take on our walks. We had an Altoid tin at home and I thought it would be the perfect container for his outdoor treasures. I decorated it a bit to make it extra special. `

We are using the tin for outdoor treasures but, you can decorate the tin for just about anything! You can use it for little notes for a loved one, house jewelry for trips, as a gift box, little bandage kit for your purse, and more. I used pictures and sayings that had to do with nature but, you can also decorate the inside with any theme under the sun.


I used all materials that I had on hand for this project including up-cycled materials. I used an old magazine for the pictures and wording but, again you can use anything that you have on hand.


  • Old Magazine
  • Scissors
  • Modge Podge
  • Wasabi Tape
  • Paper (for the front)
  • Chalk Paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Sharpie Marker


  1. Wipe out the tin and make sure all of the dust is out of it.
  2. Flip through magazines, books, or even drawings and cut out shapes or words that appeal to you.
  3. Using the modge podge and paint brush, put a layer of glue down inside the tin where you are going to place your cut outs. Then place your pictures on top of the glue.
  4. Then put another layer of modge podge over the pictures concentrating on getting any bubbles out of the paper. At this time you can add another layer of pictures on top and add another layer of glue. The glue will seal the paper and make it much harder to destroy when you add things like rocks and shells inside.
  5. Then paint the outside of the tin with chalk paint and let it dry.
  6.  I glued paper to the top of the tin and added a little saying “The Little Things” and used wasabi tape around the outside of the paper for a little more decoration.
  7. Using a permanent marker, I added the “Love Mommy” on the inside for a special touch for my son.

Happy Treasure Hunting!  Do your children collect outdoor goodies?





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