Trying to get out of a funk

Do you ever go through times in your life where you just can’t seem to get motivated or you just feel so out of sorts, like you are in a funk?  The kind where things don’t seem to go right or that you feel like you need a change.  Maybe the tears start flowing and you can’t quite pinpoint why?

This funk hit me this past weekend pretty hard. There are a few reasons for it, but a big one is because I am really struggling with living in a place I don’t enjoy.  I haven’t always loved where we have moved to, but by this time into it I was always able to find my rhythm in some way.  This move is just different for me.  For one, we moved to the desert just when the heat was starting up.  I keep trying to tell myself, it’s just like Minnesota, except opposite weather extremes.  The truth is, I will take a frigid winter day anytime over the heat.  For every place I have lived before, I have always had a beach or dock to escape to.  Water is truly my sanctuary.  It makes me feel so grounded and at peace.  Bodies of water are a little hard to find in this area.  Now I know that in a couple months, the temperatures will start becoming more comfortable and more events will start happening.  Believe me when that time comes, I will be doing a happy dance as I spend as much time soaking up the fresh air!

I started doing a few things that always help to lift my spirits when I am feeling out of sorts.  I thought I would share with you, in case are feeling down.

  1. Talk through it.  Talk to a trusted someone about how you are feeling.  It may seem like you don’t have a good reason to feel the way you do, maybe you feel like you are being unreasonable, but you would be surprised by how just talking it through can help  you really pinpoint your feelings.

    three ladies on the beach
    © Eclectically K & L 2018
  2. Acceptance.  Stuffing feelings never does any good.  Yes, for a while you don’t think about them, but they always seem to creep back up.  Sometimes when you least expect it.  There is nothing wrong with feeling out of sorts, EVERYONE feels that way from time to time.  Don’t try to dismiss emotions as unnecessary, they have validation.  Tune into what your body or mind needs in that moment and work towards that goal.
  3. Learn something new:  I have been wanting to make a big macrame wall hanging for our room and decided it was a good time to give it a shot.  I find that when I have a lot on my mind or have a lot of emotional energy, creating something really helps.  Besides a hanging shelf, I made a few months ago, my macrame experience is pretty limited.  I have been roughly following this tutorial by the Crafty Ginger on YouTube and have found the whole thing very therapeutic.   It allows to be to put my energy into something and work through some of the thoughts floating through my mind.  Plus the reward of learning a new skill and being able to enjoy my creation brings me peace and joy.

    macrame hanging
    Learning different macrame techniques. © Eclectically K & L 2018
  4. Plan a getaway.  I am not saying you need to plan this elaborate trip or even stay overnight.  If you can afford that, great.  If not, sometimes a day trip can be just what you need.  For me a weekend escape from the heat and time to regroup by the water is what I need.  I look forward to walking by the water, playing in the sand with my family, and just having a couple days to recharge.

    Photo by STIL on Unsplash
  5. Focus on the good surrounding you.  We have touched on this in previous posts.  Slow down and find the joy that surrounds you.  Listen to happy music, the laughter of your kiddos, relish in hugs from family, and allow yourself to take a break and play!  The chores can wait, and will get done, I promise.  We took some time to walk by the river on Sunday morning.  It is definitely an early morning activity for us to beat the heat, but we experienced a new park together as we chatted about life and connected as a family.

    pug on beach
    © Eclectically K & L 2018
  6. Take care of yourself.  Make healthy meals, exercise, meditate, or journal.  I am an emotional eater, but the truth is eating a bunch of junk makes me feel even worse.  Sticking with my healthy dinner plans, doing yoga, and continuing to work on me has helped me feel better overall.

Please share with us in the comments below, your strategies for when you just don’t feel quite like yourself.  Have a wonderful day!

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6 thoughts on “Trying to get out of a funk

  1. Love these! Yoga and meditating is the way to go definitely for me. Also spending time with my loved ones always makes everything better whenever I feel low. Thanks for sharing:)


  2. I am with you on the weather! I live in Minnesota and can handle the frigid days much better than heat. I love all of your ways to get out of a funk. I felt myself falling into a long funk, too, so I planned a few getaways so that I can get out of town and unwind for a bit.


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