Top 5 Friday Fun

Happy Friday everyone!  I have noticed that social media is starting to fill with all things fall now that school is back in session and September has hit.  We have a ways to go here in Arizona as it is still in the 100s and feeling very toasty so our family will be taking it easy this weekend.  We were lucky to escape to California last weekend.  It is amazing what a little water and cooler temperatures will do for this soul!

Here are our top 5 Friday fun links for the week to help you settle into a nice, relaxing weekend!  

  1.  If you are looking for some inspiration to live a more simple life, check out Living in Color.  Larissa shares 5 books that helped inspire her journey.  I plan on check out a couple of those books at the library soon!
  2. We made these fudgy brownie cookies from Minimalist Baker yesterday and they are so tasty!  The best part is they are perfect for everyone since they are gluten free and vegan!
  3. Speaking of fall, Lolly Jane has a really cute DIY fall wreath on their blog.  What I love is that it still has some brighter colored flowers mixed in with some pumpkins.  The metal wheel they used is an adorable idea if you have happen to have a small old bike lying around!
  4. This plank core workout on Goldfish Kiss looks perfect to add on to your current workout routine.
  5. Cup of Jo shares 15 tips for life that are very simple (and some funny) reminders to live by.  Check it out here.

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