Going Green: 5 Products I am loving now

going green: 5 products
© Eclectically K & L 2018

It has been amazing to me to see that so many people are bringing more awareness to going green and being more eco-conscious.  Whether it is on social media or big companies making changes to their products, it is inspiring to see people really trying to make a change.  In our house,  I have been making small changes to help reduce our waste and environmental impact in any way that I can.  I wanted to share 5 eco-friendly products that our family is loving right now to help us with going green.  

  1.  Stasher Bag:  In addition to my daughter’s Bumkins snack bags we have recently started using bags by Stasher.  They are perfect for carrying snacks or a lunch on the go.

    stasher bag with grapes
    © Eclectically K & L 2018
  2. Silicone Oven Mat:  Between roasting veggies and making cookies, I had been using quite a bit of parchment paper to line my baking sheets, only to throw the paper away after one use.  I finally invested in a washable, silicone oven mat and love it.  It is easy to clean and there is no need to grease the pan prior to baking.  I have been using this brand, but have also heard great things about this one.

    cookies on baking sheet lined with silicone baking mat
    © Eclectically K & L 2018
  3. Produce bags:   I recently bought these natural fiber produce bags by ChicoBag.  They are made from an organic cotton and hemp blend.  While I typically don’t use bags for produce, I do find them helpful when I buy bulk nuts, seed, and grains.  Rather than using the plastic bags in the grocery store, I just fill up my bags.  I immediately transfer them to a glass container when I get home so that I always have the bags available for my next grocery run.  I think these would be perfect to take along to farmer’s markets too.

    ChicoBag produce bag with nuts
    © Eclectically K & L 2018
  4. Wool Dryer Balls:  Dryer balls are a great reusable alternative to dryer sheets.  Not only will they help soften your clothes, but they can reduce drying time by up 30%.  We diffuse Plant Therapy Relax blend at night so adding a few drops to each dryer ball adds a nice scent to our bedding.  Here are the dryer balls we use.

    wool dryer balls on sheets with essential oil
    © Eclectically K & L 2018
  5. Amala Magic Sponge Cloths:  I haven’t had much luck finding kitchen towels that are actually adsorbent so these sponge cloths have quickly become a favorite in our house.  They are a great replacement for paper towels.  They can be used like a sponge for cleaning, drying dishes, or soaking up spills.  They absorb 20 times their weight and are machine washable up to 300 times.  I haven’t had them long enough to test that many washes, but they have held up remarkably well.  I just toss them in with our towel load each week.  The best part is that they are made out of 100% renewable materials and are fully biodegradable.


For more inspiration check out these two blog posts that we wrote:  Striving to be plastic free and 5 Eco Friendly Products.


Are there any eco-friendly products you love that help you reduce your environmental impact?  Please share them in the comments below.

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4 thoughts on “Going Green: 5 Products I am loving now

  1. Wow I learnt so much from these, thanks for sharing! I try to produce less waste and go green so I really found these useful.


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