bananas with chocolate almond butter on childs plate

Benefits of Cooking With Kids

child stirring brownie batter
© Eclectically K & L 2018

One thing that I really love is when my daughter sees me cooking and asks if she can help.  She is only 5, but has been helping me in the kitchen from time to time since a very early age.   Cooking with kids can be extra messy, take a lot of extra time, and the end result isn’t always pretty, but the experience that I am giving my daughter is something that I hope translates as she gets older.  I promise if you have give it some extra time, it can be a fun experience for you and your kiddos!

5 Benefits to cooking with kids:

Teaches valuable life skills: Everybody needs to eat right?  Not only will kids learn how to prepare and cook certain foods, but they will also learn how to read a recipe, how to measure, and kitchen safety.  We have this knife by Curious Chef so my daughter can learn knife skills in a safe manner.  Even if she doesn’t carry on my love of cooking, my hope is that she will be prepared to make herself food as she gets older.

Family bonding:  Cooking with someone is always so much more fun.  We play music and talk about our days as we prepare our food together!

Encourages healthy eating:  As you cook together, you can teach your children about healthy food choices and where their food comes from.  I have found that my daughter is more willing to try something new if she has helped to prepare that item.  Now she is quite the picky eater so it isn’t that she is eating all kinds of food, but I get a lot less resistance when she has helped me prepare the food.  We also talk about healthy swaps to make in recipes and why eating balanced meals is so important.

Boosts their confidence:  My daughter has such a sense of pride that surrounds her when she helps cook.  You can see the smile on her face and the excitement as she waits for it to finish.  Just the other day she made her own snack from her kids cookbook, bananas with chocolate almond butter.  She couldn’t wait to invite her friend over to try them!

child making snack
© Eclectically K & L 2018
bananas with chocolate almond butter on childs plate
© Eclectically K & L 2018 Book: The Help Yourself Cookbook for Kids

Teaches responsibility:  One motto we have in our house is: EVERYBODY HELPS.  Whether it is carrying items in from the car, cleaning up our messes, or assisting in daily chores, it is so important to teach responsibility to our kiddos at an early age.  Cooking with kids can help teach that responsibility and as kids get older, preparing their lunches or snacks for the family can become a huge part of helping out your family unit.

Here are a couple kid friendly recipes to help jumpstart your cooking adventure with kiddos!

S’more Cookies

Breakfast Yogurt Pops

Chocolate Sea Salt Protein Bites

Zucchini Muffins with Carrots and Apples

Pizza Skewers





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