Top 5 Friday Fun

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I am sitting here enjoying a warm beverage now that the cooler temperatures of Autumn have arrived. This time of year is my favorite! Quiet walks with the puppy on these cool crisp mornings are amazing. I can’t wait to rake leaves, pick pumpkins and enjoy all that Fall has to offer with my children. I hope you are relishing in the changing season and savoring the crisp cool mornings that turn into warm sunny afternoons. While you are out and about this weekend, check out the great links below.

  • Here is a great post on curiosity and why it is so important for children. It also comments on their success vs curiosity. Check it out and then get out there and cultivate you or your child’s curiosity this weekend!
  • Now that snuggle weather is here, check out these beautiful blankets from Sackcloth and Ashes.  Bonus, For every blanket that you purchase, they give one to a homeless shelter.
  • Need a craft idea to help increase mindfulness and reduce stress? Blog New weekly has a great list.
  • Pumpkin trail mix….need I say more!? The kids and I are going to make, and then devour, this recipe this weekend. While you are at it, check out some of the other recipes from Slim Pickin’ Kitchen; she has some great sweet treats.
  • If you need ideas for Autumn decorating, look no further. House of Hargrove has a roundup of many different great ideas. You can check it out here.

Top 5 Friday Fun

If we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other.” — Mother Teresa

Today is the International Day of Peace, a day devoted to strengthening the ideal of peace among all countries and people.  We hope you take time to spread a little kindness and love to others today.

For some weekend reading material, check out our Top 5 Friday Fun links below! Enjoy!

  1.  We live in a time where it is so easy to get wrapped up in what other people have or are doing.  It is hard to scroll social media without seeing these extravagant vacations, perfect bodies, and new purchases.  Scary Mommy shares 8 Instagram accounts to follow that inspire saving money and living a more frugal, minimalist lifestyle.
  2. Tomorrow is the first day of Fall!  For a simple ritual to incorporate every year on Fall Equinox, read this post on Refinery 29
  3. Why should you hug it out?  Check out Well and Good to read about 9 health benefits of hugs.
  4. I love watching people get scared, which is weird because I get scared from everything.  Too many scary movies as kid as made me quite the wimp!  Jenny Lawson, The Bloggess, shares her experience going through a virtual reality haunted house.  It is even more comical because you can’t see what she sees!
  5. These raw nutella bars from The Healthy Maven look like a yummy treat to make this weekend!

Top 5 Friday Fun

Happy Friday everyone!  I have noticed that social media is starting to fill with all things fall now that school is back in session and September has hit.  We have a ways to go here in Arizona as it is still in the 100s and feeling very toasty so our family will be taking it easy this weekend.  We were lucky to escape to California last weekend.  It is amazing what a little water and cooler temperatures will do for this soul!

Here are our top 5 Friday fun links for the week to help you settle into a nice, relaxing weekend!   Continue reading “Top 5 Friday Fun”

Top 5 Friday Fun

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Well its the unofficial end of Summer! Its been an amazing season full of lasting memories and warm Summer nights. We celebrated birthdays, family outings and even added another member to our family. Summer always has a way of lifting our spirits and making us feel alive! While you are resting this weekend and craving the routine that school brings, check out the cool links below!

  1. Here is a great post from What I have Learned about getting back to school on the right foot. These tips are directed for teachers but, as a parent I think they are also great suggestions that can be used at home as well.
  2. Every day is a gift! Here is a great post on finding the joy in the day to day….even if the vacations are over or you’re not doing something thrilling. Its a wonderful reminder.
  3. The Honest Blog has a post on beauty tips to bring back that glow after all of the salt, sand and chlorine. We all need to restore and no better way then to do it naturally.
  4. Katie did What has a great list of Labor Day sales.  If you are looking for those end of the season bargains, check it out! How cute are the housewares from Target?!
  5. Top 10 botanical cocktails from Lilla Bello- yes please! These drinks look beautiful and perfect addition to eating alfresco. The hibiscus champagne cocktail is calling my name! Which one is your favorite?

Top 5 Friday Fun

Let us be grateful to people who make us happy.  They are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.  -Marcel Proust

We hope you enjoy some good reads from around the web to get your Friday started!  We hope you have a fantastic weekend!

  1. I was recently introduced to The Bucket List Family on Instagram and YouTube.  They spent the past three years on the most amazing adventures around the world with their 3 adorable kids and just set roots in Hawaii.  They have recently shared the most beautiful picture as they swam alongside humpback whales with their sweet Dorothy.
  2. For all you mamas out there who are in the midst of back to school time, Kelle at Enjoying the Small Things has shared a back to school list just for moms.  Check out her post here for some ideas to help you focus on you while the kids are in school.
  3. Just in time for the weekend, The Everygirl has an article sharing some date night ideas from 7 couples.  I love the idea of taking some to-go food to your favorite park for a picnic and walk.
  4. Trash For Tossers shares some great zero waste solutions for extra herbs you may have on hand.
  5. Do you have some green tomatoes on hand?  Alex at The Defined Dish shares her recipe for paleo fried green tomatoes that look delicious!  Grab the recipe here.



Top 5 Friday Fun

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You must live in the present, launch yourself on every wave, find your eternity in each moment. Fools stand on their island of opportunities and look toward another land. There is no other land; there is no other life but this.     
Henry David Thoreau

We hope that your August has been amazing thus far and that your weekend is a peaceful one. My family are going to take the weekend to relax and embrace this time together before the busyness that Fall brings. Gloriously, we do not have a thing that we have to do! I hope you have a few minutes to do the same and that you too have a minute to slow down and connect to each moment as your week comes to a close and your weekend begins. If you need an idea for an activity to do with your family or even take a moment alone, you can find it here.

Here are some fun links that we found around the web this week!

Check it out:

  1. Do you have any zucchini left from your garden or farmers market? If so, Kristine’s Kitchen has a yummy and healthy zucchini bread recipe. This would make a great breakfast or or treat.
  2. Blissfully Brunette has a delightful read on setting intentions and why you should do it. She comments on setting intentions to stay balanced and show gratitude. If you haven’t done so already, check it out here.
  3. Have you ever read the blog Scary Mom?! If you haven’t, you should start right now! The stories are hilarious but also informative. I recently learned that she now has a shop open to buy t shirt, bags and more with hysterical sayings on them.
  4. I can relate to some of these life lessons from the blog Cupcakes and Cashmere. She has a post about letters to her younger self. What would you write to your younger self? You can find the entry here.
  5. Spiked lemonade, yes please! Its peach season and we are loving it in my house. What better with a BBQ then some lemonade…spiked, even better. Recipe can be found here by the Kitchn



Top 5 Friday Fun

What do you have planned for this weekend?  This week  marked the first full week of school for my 5 year old and she is loving it, but really showing signs of tiredness.  It will be the perfect weekend for lots of relaxing and a mother/daughter slumber party!  Enjoy these links as you get ready to start your weekend off!

  1. Are you looking for a new salad recipe.  On Cup of Jo, Joanna’s sister shares her favorite go-to salad recommendation.  I will give you a hint, the croutons are tiny grilled cheese sandwiches!  Go check out the post here.
  2. I follow Kelle Hampton on Instagram and have enjoyed watching how her summer trip to Michigan with her kids unfolds on her stories.  On her blog, she has shared details about Bliss, her dad’s cottage, that looks like the perfect place to spend your summer days.  Her dad and his partner share how they created their little oasis.  If you don’t already follow her, I encourage you to so you can get a glimpse of her life with her kids.  She has a way of making everything feel so special and magical for the people in her life.
  3. I love the taste of chocolate and mint together.  On The Real Food Dietitians, they have the perfect sweet treat.  Click here for a recipe for 3- ingredient dark chocolate mint cups!
  4. A Beautiful Mess shares easy decor projects perfect for renters.  I love the dry erase wall art for a kids room!  I may have to incorporate that into my daughter’s new room.
  5. Finally, Pure Wow shares some easy tips to start your week off right.  There are some great tips to incorporate on Sunday’s to help your week run a little smoother!

Top 5 Friday Fun

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Good bye July, Hello August!

The weekend is almost here and we are in the home stretch of Summer vacation. This is the time when things start slowing down and the last of the beach vacations are planned. August is known for sun and heat. I hope this month brings smiles and happiness to you and yours and that you live it up soaking in each drop of sunshine until Summer ends.

While you are enjoying your weekend, check out the cool links below:

  1. I love the blog Nicely Non-toxic! Heather has so many great tips and tricks about using non toxic products. Check out her post on a conscious company called Live Clean. The products are reasonably priced and cruelty free.
  2. This is a great post about cultivating calm and a great reminder to declutter internally along with externally.
  3. In a dinner rut? Cupcakes and Cashmere has you covered! She has 25 yummy recipes that do not require cooking and the poke bowls look amazing! You can find the story here.
  4. The Organic Child has a post on why extra curricular activities are so important for kids. Inspiring children to be well rounded is very important and the post have some great examples of what activities to choose.
  5. Need a dessert fix after all of the dinner recipes above? Hello Glow has a gorgeous lemon tartlet recipe.  I can’t wait to try it with my boys this weekend!