Small Space Vegetable Garden

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I have a small back yard but, each year we maximize the space by seeing how many fruits and vegetables we can grow. Raised beds and container pots are a great way to grow your own food. Since the soil inside of the container is concentrated with nutrients, you can pack in more seeds and plants in a smaller space. Keep on reading!

DIY Wall Pockets

I recently came across some air dry clay that my daughter and I had used to make faces for some nature spirit dolls we crafted together.  I thought the excess clay would be perfect for a little plant holder for the wall.  These wall pockets are great for an air plant, or even a little succulent, to add a pop of greenery on the wall.  Keep on reading!

Handcrafted Mother’s Day Gifts: Etsy


“The days are long but, the years are short.” We all hear it, that piece of advice from every parent before us and, oh how true that one little sentence can be. Being a mom, gave me a new found respect for my own parents because to be honest this shit stuff is hard! Are the kids getting enough vegetables, and too much TV!? Did they go to school with underwear on? (yup, real topic in this house) I mean the list goes on and on. With all that said, at the end of the day I wouldn’t trade it for the world. I love my crazy kiddos and couldn’t imagine life any other way. Keep on reading!

Top 5 Friday Fun

What a week! Or two for that matter!  Two weeks ago we left the East coast and moved cross country for my husband’s job.  We made the most of our 12 day road trip and finally made it to our destination on Wednesday night.  I am exhausted.  I enjoyed relaxing for a bit catching up on some of my favorite blogs. Keep on reading!

Festive Fruit Nachos

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With Cinco De Mayo around the corner, we decided to make fruit nachos at our house.  We eat a lot of Mexican food and, I thought this recipe would be a good treat at the end of the meal. If you have left over tortillas, its a great way to use them! AND who can resist strawberries and whipped cream!?!

I had a little helper in the kitchen while making this recipe and he had fun doing most of the work.  Lastly, I like this dessert because it is easy and adaptable. You can change the fruit out for other berries. Instead of whipped cream, you could do ice cream. You could even add a little lime to the berries to give them a zing. Keep on reading!

Branch Brush Painting

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Welcome Spring time and also yard cleaning! I have a little guy who is still in pre-school so he and I are home together in the afternoons. I love and cherish this (diminishing) time that we have together so, I try to make chores fun. I mean who wouldn’t rather be picnicking in the park and going for ice cream every day…..but chores can’t do themselves. I had several dead plants in the yard so I needed to remove them and trim other bushes. We decided to make it fun! We broke out the roll of paper and paint and decided to use the leaves and branch clippings to paint a picture.
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Macrame Wooden Hanging Shelf

It isn’t a secret that Lisa and I both love our plants!  My husband has nicknamed me the crazy plant lady after carting around 5 boxes of various plants as we make our way across the country.  Admittedly, I have gotten some strange looks as I wheel them into various hotels across the country!  I am really looking forward to getting settled again and decorating a new home.

Lately I have been really into home decor with greenery and can’t wait to share this very simple DIY with you all.  This hanging shelf is the perfect way to add a unique pop of greenery to our new home!

Macrame cord, stain, wood board
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  • Wood board, I used this one
  • Macrame cord
  • Circle wooden ring, like this
  • Stain or paint, if desired


applying stain to board
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  1. Stain board according to package directions, if desired.
  2. After the stain has completely dried, cut macrame cord to size.  I cut six total cords: three were 60″ in length and three were 30″ in length.  You may like them longer or shorter depending on preference, but try to keep three cords twice the length as the other three since these will be wrapped around.
  3. You will want to gather all your cords together and then fold in half.  This fold will be tied onto the wooden ring using a larks head knot.
  4. Spread the cord into three sections.  Each section will have two longer cords (knotting cords) and two shorter cords (center cords).  I used a kettle bell to anchor my loop to make it easier to do macrame knots.  This helps to keep it from shifting.  You will only work on one section at a time. 

    macrame start
    © Eclectically K & L 2018
  5. There are several types of macrame knots you can use.  I used the square knot first.  To do this you bring the left knotting cord under the two center cords and over the right knotting cord.  Then bring the right knotting cord over the two center cords and under the left knotting cord.  Pull tight.

    macrame knot
    © Eclectically K & L 2018
  6. Repeat, but this time do the opposite sequence:  left knotting cord over the two center cords and under the right knotting cord.  Then bring the right knotting cord under the two center cords and over the left knotting cord.  Pull tight. macrame3
  7. Repeat this sequence as many times as you would like.

    macrame square knot
    © Eclectically K & L 2018
  8. Move further down the cord and follow the knotting instructions above, but this time don’t reverse the sequence.  This is called a half knot.  Bring the left knotting cord over the two center cords and under the right knotting cord.  The right knotting cord will go under the two center cords and over the left knotting cord.  Pull tight and repeat as desired.  This will cause the knots to form a spiral look. macrame5
  9. I added more square knots to the bottom section of the cord.
  10. Repeat on the remaining two sections to create three uniform macrame cords.
  11. Tie the cords together in a knot and place wood shelf in the center. You may need to move the macrame cords around a little to balance the shelf.

    macrame shelf
    © Eclectically K & L 2018
  12. Hang the shelf from the ceiling and place a plant or item of your choice on shelf and enjoy!

    Macrame shelf
    © Eclectically K & L 2018

Top 5 Friday Fun

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What a beautiful week it has been here in Maryland. I hope the weather has started to warm up in your area as well. As we round out April and a month of eco-friendly habits, I have learned so many new tips and tricks from friends and readers. Thank you all for sharing! Here are a few fun stories around the web this week. Enjoy your weekend!

  1. Eco Warrior Princess Blog a great article about not only personal change for the environment but, that corporations need to make changes as well.
  2. Have you heard of manuka honey? I have not tried it yet, but after reading this post by  Glamorganic Goddess, I am going to have to get my hands on jar of it.
  3. Here are 6 ways to conserve water! I love that this list is realistic and anyone can participate.
  4. As a child, my grandmother always made no bake cookies for us. They were my favorite! Here is a twist on the no bake cookie by WellnessMama that anyone can enjoy.
  5. Clare from Fitting it all in has a wonderful read on body image and loving our bodies. Lets first love ourselves and then each other!


Healthy Road Trip Food

My family and I have been on the road for 6 days now and still have a few more days to go.  We are in the process of moving cross country and are taking time to enjoy some sights along the way.  While on the road, it can sometimes seem hard to eat healthy, especially when you have a target mileage to hit and there are so many fast food signs and gas station travel centers everywhere you go.  With a little planning, easy and healthier snacks and meals are possible.  Keep on reading!